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When someone gives you their email or phone number, they’re giving you exclusive access to their direct line of communications. At Growth Collective, we don’t take that opportunity lightly. With our dedicated team of email graphic designers, copy writers and retention strategists, we help brands create direct response messaging that gets delivered at exactly the right time to maximize sales.


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Our Process

Retention marketing isn’t just about sending emails three times per week. It’s about ensuring that the message that lands in your customer’s inbox aligns with their needs and interests at the right time.

By applying our data-driven research ethos to retention, we craft best-in-class campaigns and automated emails for your team.

When you first start working with Growth Collective, we export a meaningful sample of past campaigns, tag, and analyze them. After excluding promotions, we get a clear picture as to what types of products, educational content, and events your email list resonates with most.

We then develop a six-week email and content and SMS calendar you can rely on to maximize the sales of your retention channels.

We’ve hired the best email designers and copywriters to bring your emails to life. Using best practices and subject matter expertise, our copywriting team crafts direct response copy tailored to make your emails sell more.

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