The Brand

The saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” could not be more true for Broya.

Founded in 2015 by Nima Sotodaeh, Broya turns the otherwise discarded bones from cows and chickens into a rich, collagen-dense delicious bone broth.

After suffering from a slew of gut health issues, Nima found that bone broth more than anything else visibly improved his digestion, mood, and energy levels - there was nothing else he could do but share it with the masses.

The Challenge

Right up until the summer 2020, Nima was doing all the marketing himself in addition to everything else the business required in order to serve its customer base. It was evident that in order to grow, Broya would need to have a dedicated marketing team in place whose sole focus was ideating and executing growth strategies.

After 4 months of speaking with our team, Nima was comfortable with our track record and brought on the entire Growth Collective team - email, paid ads, and creative strategy - to scale up marketing at Broya.

The Strategy

With Broya being a CPG product, we knew two things were true:

  1. This is a very competitive space in Paid Social & Paid Search, so achieving first-order profitability on ads was a non-negotiable.
  2. As a replenishable product, success over the long run here would come down to turning first time purchasers into repeat buyers that have an increasing LTV (lifetime value) for the brand over time.

To achieve both of these objectives, Growth Collective deployed both our creative and retention strategists to develop content that Broya’s target market found scroll-stopping and relevant.

1. Getting An Understanding Of The Target Customer: 

As the sole person on the marketing team, Nima was also the face of the brand on paid social, often touting Broya’s benefits for strength and recovery. But diving deeper into customer reviews and surveys told a different story entirely - 70% of Broya customers were women and many of those were over 50 years old. Equipped with this information, our team did more research into the benefits of bone broth for women in particular.

2. Developing Content That Encourages Repeat Orders: 

It turns out that the nutrients found in bone broth, such as collagen, potassium, magnesium, and calcium not only help improve digestion and gut health but also helps with a lot of the issues that perimenopausal and menopausal women experience. This list was extensive - lack of energy, weight gain, hair loss, trouble sleeping, and emotional stability.

Having this information was one of the key data points for unlocking fast growth for Broya. By understanding the life events of our biggest customer demographic, we were able to immediately shift our messaging on email and paid social platforms to feature a female voice that always educated the viewer/reader on the benefits of consuming Broya bone broth consistently over time.

3. Automating Retention Using Klaviyo Flows:

Equipped with a strong understanding of our customer base and the content they resonate with most, and the knowledge that profitable growth could only be achieved through predictable repeat orders, we took Broya’s newly crafted content and created several email and SMS automations that sent customers reminders of the various benefits they receive by consuming Broya on a daily basis.

The Results

Broya’s marketing strategy, which was once run by a single person, was supercharged with a full-time creative strategist, retention strategist and paid team to help scale the brand.

By the numbers, Growth Collective’s team generated:


Month over month growth in the first 30 days, helping Broya surpass $100,000 MRR for the first time ever


top line revenue growth in 12 months, powered by a 200% increase in spend on average


increase in MER over 12 months, due to predictable repeat customer growth over time

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